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Agassiz Fabrication LLC​

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Reliable CNC Fabricator

Your Source for Quality Plastic Wear Parts

Solve your wear problems with help from Agassiz Fabrication LLC. Using UHMW and other plastic materials, we manufacture cost-effective wear parts for agricultural and other equipment. Contact us today in Kindred, North Dakota to request a quote. We offer our product to both retailers and direct buyers nationwide.

In addition to manufacturing our own products, we provide custom CNC fabrication of wear parts for other companies.

Draw Bar Wear Pads

UHMW has become the product of choice when it comes to solving wear. It has become popular because compared to grease, it doesn’t attract dirt. UHMW products have been used on semi-fifth wheel plates for decades. As the industry changes, equipment have become high-tech as well. Using our wear pads can help you save on your equipment and draw bar.

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Our UHMW wear pads relieve machine stress, pounding, and chatter. Choose from our selection of pads for cat 2, 3, 4 and 5 draw bars, depending on your needs. If you need other sizes, we can have them specially made for your application. In most cases you should use a 1/2" pad. If you have a heavy load, stacking is advised. Be sure you have room for two pads. Equipment with upward pressure, add pad to inside top of draw bar.


Correct chain alignment and wear problems on your John Deere 7100, 7300, 1710, or similar planters using our AGJD7100MOD Kit. This kit will guide the chain with a polyethylene wear slide, creating the necessary clearance between the chain and tire. This eliminates gouging on the tire and swing arm. It also helps keep the chain on when planting corn on corn and in mud. There’s no need to drill new holes as it fits existing holes.